Waterparks release the song “Just Kidding” from the newest album “Greatest Hits”

Just Kidding” is another single from the band’s upcoming album

May 12th — that is the day when the seventh song from the Waterparks’ new album was released. It is called “Just Kidding”, and this one feels quite personal for the band’s vocalist Awsten Knight.

The music video, which has been put up on YouTube along with the song release, features the composer of the song, Awsten Knight, sitting in a room alone and playing guitar and singing.

Despite the simple arrangements made for the video, there is quite a lot of symbolism. The dark tone of the song is reflected in the singer’s relaxed clothing, and in his face being out of focus throughout the video. Also, the last 20 seconds of the clip is just black background with nothing going on until it ends.

As Awsten has stated on his podcast that “Just Kidding” is truly the darkest song from the entire record.

“This album was obviously made when I was very stuck at home, but the three songs that were made before that were done right before we left for the FANDOM tour,” the frontman states. “It was ‘Just Kidding,’ ‘Secret Life’ and ‘Crying Over It All.’ But the thing is, it works really fucking well, and I made sure because I’m not going to throw songs in just for the fuck of it, but it plays so well into the dream thing because ‘Just Kidding’ is probably the most blatantly dark part of the album.”

The album “Greatest Hits” is set to release on May 21, Waterparks have put out several videos before “Just Kidding”. Those are: “Lowkey As Hell,” “Snow Globe,” “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)”

On top of that, the band has put out the full tracklist for the forthcoming record. You can take a look at it below:

  • “Greatest Hits”
  • “Fuzzy”
  • “Lowkey As Hell”
  • “Numb”
  • “Violet!”
  • “Snow Globe”
  • “Just Kidding”
  • “The Secret Life Of Me”
  • “American Graffiti”
  • “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)”
  • “Fruit Roll Ups”
  • “LIKE IT”
  • “Gladiator (Interlude)”
  • “Magnetic”
  • “Crying Over It All”
  • “Ice Bath”
  • “See You In The Future.”

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