Keely Electronics Release Exclusive Moon Op Amp Fuzz in Collaboration With the Guitar Store

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Moon Op Amp Fuzz offers a ton of EQ options, a deep variety of fuzz tones, and “galaxies of gain”.

Partnering up with Washington State’s Guitar Store, Keely Electronies has come up with an exclusive fuzz pedal that in many ways references Keeley’s David Gilmour-inspired Dark Side Workstation.

Just like the device it was inspired by, Moon Op Amp fuzz provides the users with a ton of EQ options. You can use a three-way switch to jump between classic scooped, flat, and full voicings.

On top of that, you get knobs to control the Volume, Filter, and Fuzz.

Despite the dark looks, selectable voicings make the Moon Op Amp Fuzz a great pedal for all seasons: you can get down and dirty with garage funk, or take the velvet, stately fuzz route, and pair the whole thing up with a delay pedal.

The circuit allows the pedal to work great with other pedals. If you want a pedal for a single-coil or humbuckering electric guitar pickups — you’re good to go. Moon Op Amp Fuzz’s Filter control helps it play nicely.

The only store that sells the pedal is at The Guitar Store’s new location at Port Townsend, WA. Otherwise, you might try going to its Reverb store.

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