Kristina Rybalchenko

Kristina Rybalchenko

There is surely no shortage of musicians on YouTube doing covers of famous songs or producing tunes of their own. All of them have their place in the spotlight with the audience on the video hosting platform, but sometimes there is a person or two who manages to gather an extraordinary amount of viewers, get a ton of sponsorships, and overall become a popular blogger.

Today, we are talking about one of those folks. Heard about Kristina Rybalchenko? Let’s learn a bit more about a newly famous YouTube drummer.

Who is Kristina Rybalchenko?

So, before we go into the details of the drummer’s career, here’s a rundown of Kristina Rybalchenko bio.

Kristina Rybalchenko was born in the city of Khabarovsk, Russia. During her childhood and teens, the girl has received professional musical education in xylophone.

Despite that, the real passion of Kristina seems to be rock music and everything about it. So, at the age of 14, she started playing drums, learning the craft in the closest detail. Later on, she joined several local bands in Khabarovsk which played covers of the most popular rock songs.

Kristina Rybalchenko YouTube channel

Kristina started her YouTube channel in 2016, around a year before she moved from Khabarovsk to Saint Petersburg. In addition to that, she also got her TikTok account.

On both of those platforms, she posts her drum covers, lessons, and exercises. Those videos are then shared on her pages on VK — a popular social media in Russia — and Instagram.

At this moment Kristina Rybalchenko’s YouTube channel has around 900 videos, most of them being drum covers.

Kristina Rybalchenko date of birth

There’s not much info on Kristina Rybalchenko drummer’s pages about the date of birth, but a couple of third-party sources claim that she was born around August 28, 1997. That would make her 25 years old at the time this article is written.

Kristina Rybalchenko other instruments

Though the girl mostly plays the drums on her YouTube covers, it’s not the only instrument she can play.

As we have established earlier, she has a musical education on xylophone, but you can also see her playing guitar solos over her drums.

Bottom line

Kristina Rybalchenko is an outstanding case of a musician becoming popular on social media. Despite originally being from Russia, she uses her content to target English-speaking audiences, does promotions of products targeted at those audiences, and also she mostly speaks English herself.

On top of that, she is a rare case of a person who gains popularity on both social media and music scene by just — you know — making music and sharing it with people. No drama, no diss tracks, no collaborations with shady bloggers — she does none of that.

Kristina is just a good combination of talent, good production quality, and humbleness. Something that many of us might have good use of.


Kristina Rybalchenko YouTube

YouTube is the main platform for Kristina Rybalchenko. On there, she posts drum covers, lessons, and exercises.

Kristina Rybalchenko country

Kristina Rybalchenko’s nationality is Russian. She was born in the Russian city of Khabarovsk and is now living in Saint Petersburg.

Kristina Rybalchenko instagram

Kristina Rybalchenko uses Instagram to tease her upcoming drum covers on YouTube, share insights from her daily life, and sell merch.

Kristina Rybalchenko interview

Kristina Rybalchenko had her time in the spotlight when giving an interview to a German website BEYERDYNAMIC.

Kristina Rybalchenko twitter

Kristina Rybalchenko has a twitter account among other social media platforms, but she does not keep up with posting on there: the last tweet was made in 2020.

How old is Kristina Rybalchenko drummer?

Kristina Rybalchenko was born on August 28, 1997. That makes her 25 years old.

Kristina Rybalchenko tiktok

Kristina Rybalchenko also has a TikTok presence. There, you can see her drum cover videos, some product unboxings, and some other clips.

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