Feel like a rock star: Lego offers to build a replica of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar for 100$

The buildable model of “Fender Stratocaster” is the 37th and final set in the “Lego Ideas” series. The most successful electric guitar in the world is considered to be the “Fender Stratocaster”. This model was preferred by such rock and roll legends as Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly and Eric Clapton. But now any guitar music lover, even without a music ear, can get something similar. The Lego company released its version of the iconic musical instrument.

Feel like a rock star: Lego offers to build a replica of Jimi Hendrix's guitar for 100$
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The buildable “Fender Stratocaster” is the 37th and final set in the “Lego Ideas” series. To create it, “Lego” even acquired a franchise from “Fender”. As the PR department of Lego clarifies, their version of the guitar is made in a scale of approximately 1:2.5 and reaches 35 sm. in length. It does not produce sound, so you can not play on it. But firstly you have to puzzle over how to assemble it. First, the collector’s item consists of 1074 red and black bricks. It seems easier to master a few lessons in a music school than to collect this miracle! Moreover, the company’s website specifies that this set of parts can be used to make both a red and a black “Fender Stratocaster”.

Secondly, the guitar itself is not the only thing in this set. According to the instructions, customers are also offered a “Fender” cube amplifier, a guitar stand, a foot pedal and multi-colored picks in the form of squares. To achieve the most realistic effect, “Lego” engineers added several rubber strips to the set that will simulate cables.

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Interestingly, the appearance of the Lego guitar was developed by a fan of the company’s products from Slovakia, designer Tomas Letenai. Initially, it was just a fan artwork for the “Lego Ideas Music to Our Ears” competition, where the owners of constructors competed in creativity. The jury from the “Lego Group ” liked Tomas’s guitar so much that they decided to commission him to design a complete set of rock and roll models.

“I played electric guitar when I was a teenager and I always dreamed of getting a “Fender Stratocaster”, but I never could afford it. The “Lego Ideas” competition gave me the opportunity to create this guitar from “Lego” pieces. I hope that other “Stratocaster” fans will enjoy it as much as I do”. – Tomas Letenai shared his impressions at the presentation.

The estimated price for a set of “Fender Stratocaster” will be around 100$. The kit will be available from October 1, 2021 in all “Lego” stores, both online and offline.

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