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Hi, I'm Will. I first picked up the guitar when I was 8 years old and I've been playing ever since. I started out with classical guitar and have subsequently branched out into various other styles of playing, including rock, metal and jazz. I started this site to share what I've learned during my years of playing and to give my take on the gear that I think is worth your time.

John Carlton Smith is a soft rock guitarist, musician, producer and musical instruments reviewer. He was born May 10, 1980 in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the family of Agatha and George Smith. From early age, Silent Smith learned to play his father's guitar. During his school years, he actively participated in theater. He wrote music and lyrics for plays. In high school, along with his friend Tim Deps Smith made the first rock group "The Shore of the Truth". The band's music is marked by a heavy sound and a deep multiplicity of meaning in lyrics written by Silent Smith. In 1999, he goes to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Tim Deps and other members of "The Shore of the Truth" stayed in Winnipeg. Long distance and a series of conflicts within the band caused the band to break up in 2000.

In 2002 Silent Smith and his schoolmate Ritchie Solento started a new country band "Rain pistols". It's music had many references to "Brooks & Dunn", "Dixie Chicks" and "The Flying Burrito Brothers". "Rain pistols" has been searching for its own style for a long time and for this reason began to tour quite late. The band mainly performed in small towns in southern Canada and North America.

In 2005 Silent Smith graduated from the university and started his career in an insurance company. Permanent job became a barrier for music career and in 2007 Silent Smith decided to become a producer. He continued to write lyrics, music, and participated in studio sessions. But in that time, his duties included tour organization, work in a record studio and the financial aspects. Due to huge work, the band expanded the geography of performances and improved the sound of music. Silent Smith became an expert in music equipment and recording. The music of that period became softer and more diverse.

In 2010 Silent Smith started his own recording studio. During this period, Ritchie Solento left the band. A couple of years later "Rain pistols" broke up. Silent Smith concentrated on his solo career as a soft rock artist and recording studio.

To date, Silent Smith has successfully performed on small stages as a soft rock artist. He has recorded more than 250 artists in his studio. He is considered a recognized expert in musical instruments and sound equipment.