Neighborhood Power

This is a story about an amazing loss and an amazing find. At the center of the story was the guitarist and his guitar case. Adam Black played guitar since early childhood. He picked up his first musical instrument at the age of five. It was a ukulele. Adam inherited his passion for music from his father, who played the guitar masterly and loved to entertain his guests with songs and music. Already in high school, Adam Black decided not to dwell on the ukule and persuaded his teacher to teach him to play the guitar. From that moment on, Adam did not part with a musical instrument. Today Adam Black is 50 years old. He plays in a cover band and performs in local bars. But quite recently, an unpleasant situation happened to him. 

Adam Black’s favorite instrument is the acoustic guitar. Since Adam spends a lot of his time at concerts, he uses an expensive antique case. One evening, a family friend did not close the garage door and thieves stole an expensive case. Fortunately, the guitar was in the house at that moment and was saved. Adam Black was depressed. Literally from the first minutes after he found out about the loss, he and his family began to actively search for the case in the neighboring streets and dumps. The reason was that the thieves wanted to steal the guitar, not the case. If thieves wouldn found a guitar inside the case, they could throw it away. After all, an expensive case from a cheap one can only be appreciated by professionals. 

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After a week of searching, there was no news about the missing  guitar case. Then Adam decided to announce a reward for any information about the case. To do this, he wrote a post on a local Facebook community that reviews the life of his town. In his message, in addition to the award, he turned to those who found the guitar case and asked them to handle this thing well. The published post received a wide response from the public, many likes and comments with words of support. A few days later, a woman turned to the school where Adam worked. She said that she found the case on the street and took it for herself. This woman does not read Facebook, but due to the wide publicity, her friends told her about the Adam loss and she immediately knew that this was a case she had found. The very next day Adam received his guitar case back. The woman spent a $ 50 reward on charity.

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