Apocalypse Dawn From Metallica Fake?

Apocalypse Dawn From Metallica Fake?
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The “Apocalypse Dawn” track has become one of the most interesting hoaxes associated with the “Metallica” band. The first information about “Apocalypse Dawn” appeared at the beginning of the 2000s. Until now, many of the band’s fans have argued about whether “Apocalypse Dawn” is a fake or unreleased “Metallica” composition. Skeptics were primarily confused by the fact that “Apocalypse Dawn” is not an actual song. No voice is heard in the track. Proponents of the theory that “Apocalypse Dawn” is an unreleased track from the group insisted on the similarity of the melody to the rest of the band’s compositions.

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YouTube blogger from Ukraine Andriy Vasylenko figured out the story. On his channel, he published an investigation in which the blogger managed to find out the whole truth about the “Apocalypse Dawn” track. It turns out that in 2002 the “Total Guitar” print magazine published a big story about “Metallica”. This magazine had a section called “Play like”. Within the framework of this section, the musical chords of the track were published, which was similar to the tracks of the group to which the release was dedicated. Steve Allsworth, a young editor and guitar teacher, at the request of the editors, created a track that is as similar in style to the tracks of “Metallica” as possible. That track was “Apocalypse Dawn”. Much later, after the first demo recordings of “Apocalypse Dawn” appeared on the Internet, fans began to talk about the track’s belonging to “Metallica”. Thus, the story with “Apocalypse Dawn” and “Metallica” turned out to be fake.

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