As Creepy As True Metal Music

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The look of the guitar is part of the musician’s image. The whole industry of custom, unique guitars is thriving today only due to the desire of musicians to stand out from the rest. This desire led the Florida guitarist to create an electric guitar from the bones of his deceased uncle.

As Creepy As True Metal Music
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The inventor calls himself “Midnight Prince”. The musician lives in Florida. It has Greek roots. According to “Midnight Prince” his uncle was very fond of metal music and passed this love on to his nephew. Sadly, Midnight Prince’s uncle passed away at the age of 28. The cause of death was a car accident. Following his uncle’s will, all of his remains were handed over to the medical school. But over the years, the medical school returned the remains. They were no longer of scientific value to the school. Since the late uncle had no other relatives, the responsibility for the burial was taken over by the mother of “Midnight Prince”. An elderly woman took the need to organize a funeral hard. The option to cremate a body is forbidden by the Orthodox faith.

Midnight Prince
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At this point, “Midnight Prince” proposed to his mother the extravagant idea of immortalizing the memory of his uncle in the form of a guitar from his bones. At first, the elderly woman was against it, but after a series of persuasions she agreed. The problem was that Midnight Prince never made guitars. In addition, there was no information on the net on how to make a guitar out of bones. So the decision was made to make a guitar based on the Fender Telecaster. The neck and pickups were taken from her. The red and blue wires resemble veins, which makes the guitar look even scarier.

“Midnight Prince” in this way will always remember his uncle and will always be grateful to him for his passion for his whole life.

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