Boss SY-200 Brief Review: New Brand Boss SY-1

All of us know that Boss has an enormous heritage in the whole guitar and in the guitar synth world going right back to the 70s. And Boss SY-200 is essentially the same synth engine from the Boss SY-1000 but in a bigger pedal. Boss SY-1 was the previous synthesizer effects pedal from Boss which was sold worldwide and gained wide popularity. Compared with Boss SY-1 in Boss SY-200 we’ve got more switches, memory locations, MIDI port, USB port for updates.

As we write previously, the Boss SY-200 was made on the tremendous success of the SY-1, it rethink and implements all of the SY-1’s one hundred and twenty one synth sounds and adds fifty more for a total of one hundred and seventy one synthetic textures, including arpeggios, sequencing base synths, strings, ethereal swelling synth pads, stacked dual synthesizers, leads, and more. 

The Boss SY-200 also provides a programmable control switch that can be used for things like tap tempo, infinite sustain, and pitch shifting, as well as expression in the effects loop and MIDI control. The real treasure, though, is that you can now store and remember up to one hundred and twenty eight presets directly on the pedal, making it a cinch to transfer these incredible sounds from the studio to the stage. Boss SY-200 already available.

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