Fractal Audio FM9 Too Good To Be True

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Fractal Audio FM9 Too Good To Be True – Audio

“Fractal Audio Systems” is a popular US company in the field of preamps and effect processors for guitar production. The company has won five prestigious awards from various music magazines. Musicians using “Fractal Audio Systems” products include a list of guitarists such as John Mayer, Steve Vai, Jason Richardson and such bands as “The Edge” and “Metallica”.

At the end of August, 2021, “Fractal Audio Systems” presented a new product – the “FM9” effects processor. The novelty has all the advantages of the previous models such as “Ax-Fx III”, “FM3” and “FC” and complements them with new functionality. First of all, it should be said that the “FM9” processor is equipped with four DSP cores. It is thus the most powerful processor from “Fractal Audio Systems” and one of the most powerful on the market right now. The “FM9” is equipped with a unique technology – “Cygnus” amplifier modeling technology. This technology reduces latency and improves response throughout the audio chain.

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Four DSP cores allow you to improve the quality of the cabinets. There are 2200 of them in “FM9”. But the engineers felt that this might not be enough. Therefore, they added the ability to upload users’ own cabinets. A total of 1024 custom cabinets can be loaded into the “FM9” processor. The quality of the effects has also improved. In total, “FM9” is equipped with 200 different effects, simulating the sound of different analog pedals and classical effects.

The convenient color display deserves special attention. It makes navigation much easier. Taking into account the number of cabinets and effects, usability matters.

“Fractal Audio Systems” took care of high quality sound recording. FM9 is equipped with a high quality USB audio interface with 8-channel recording and 8-channel playback capability. This is a very convenient and modern solution. And the number of analog inputs and outputs will make the recording process even easier. The Fractal FM9 is available now for $ 1599 for Canadian and US residents only.

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