Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah Pedal Brief Review

World famous manufacturer of gear for musicians, Dunlop has released a new “Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah ” guitar pedal. The novelty is the result of collaboration between popular “Tool” bassist Justin Chancellor and the “Cry Baby” engineering team. “Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah ” is the sequel to a series of pedals that Dunlop has produced in collaboration with popular musicians over the past few years.

Given the fact that Justin Chancellor is a bass player, the “Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah” guitar pedal was designed for bass guitarists. The electronic circuit of the novelty is based on a mid-frequency filter. For the work of this filter, a tonal scheme from the bass guitar of Justin Chancellor himself was used. Combined with “Cry Baby Wah” technologies, it provides bass integrity. Thus, the engineers of the Dunlop company managed to implement in one pedal “Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah” at once three proprietary sound schemes, which Justin Chancellor uses in his music.

In addition, “Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah” introduces a new “U.K. Filter” mode, which allows for a dense and bright bass guitar sound. The “Cry Baby Wah” mode has also been redesigned to sound more aggressive. The engineers paid special attention to the “Fuzz” mode. “Justin Chancellor Cry Baby Wah” allows you to change the frequency range of the “Fuzz” effect with the EQ control, changing the volume and intensity of the effect. All this allows you to achieve a dense sound. In addition, there are two metal switches on the front panel that allow you to instantly switch modes. This is a very handy option for any bass player.

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