MXR Deep Phase As A New Generation

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MXR Deep Phase is a new phase guitar pedal from MXR. Before we’ll start, lets take a look at the MXR history of success. “Script Phase 90” was MXR’s very first pedal. It was presented in 1974 and became a really important part of Rock ‘N Roll  history. “Script Phase 90” gained particular popularity thanks to the “Van Halen” music. It was  perfect in its simplicity. The pedal had only an ON and OFF switch in the form of one big fat knob on the front panel. “Script Phase 90” had no LED indication and no power adapter supply –  just battery operated. And with such pure characteristics it became a huge iconic pedal. Talking about “MXR Deep Phase” it’s a huge step in the development of phase guitar pedals.

MXR engineers made some cool modern tweaks to the new “MXR Deep Phase“. And the first – maybe the most important – a small size of the pedal. A lot of guitarists love mini pedals because they are all struggling for real estate in pedalboards.  On the front side there is a good bright LED indicator. The bright blue color will be perfectly visible even on the darkest stage of the club.

But any guitar pedal is needed to improve the sound. For sound control, the “MXR Deep Phase” is equipped with two large and comfortable knobs. The first knob is like on the original “Script Phase 90” –  this is the “speed” knob which affects the speed of the effect. The second knob is the “feedback” knob which adjusts the intensity and sharpness of the phase  peaks. The next new addition is the “mode” switch right on the top of the front panel. It provides several modes. The default mode runs on four phase shifter stages for a “smooth ride”. When a guitarist engage “MXR Deep Phase” to second mode it actually doubles to eight stages. In this case with one pedal you can get a classical “Van Halen ” and more textured and complex “Leslie S ” sound.

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