Yamaha THR10X. Universal variant of the brand new amplifier

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The THR10X series of guitar amplifiers has established itself as a reliable equipment that suits both the experienced professional and the aspiring guitarist. This guitar amplifier will be appreciated by every fan of quality sound. The main feature of the device is the ability to work in different, most difficult conditions. We are talking about spontaneous performances on the street or at concert venues that are not equipped with good equipment.

In the life of every touring guitarist, there are situations when there is no opportunity to use a stage amplifier, and compact combo amplifiers do not give the desired result. In this case, the THR10X would be an ideal option, which is able to replace a large number of specialized equipment. It will allow you to realize even the most complex creative ideas.

Yamaha THR10X. Universal variant of the brand new amplifier

The level of high-quality sound is achieved through the latest technology. “Virtual Analog Modeling” is a technology that accurately simulates the high-gain sound generated by other popular amp models. On stage and at home, indoors and outdoors, this amplifier delivers excellent results. Without exception, everyone – from acoustic to heavy metal guitarists – will fall in love with the depth and power of the THR10X guitar amplifier. The amplifier is designed in dark olive color. The body is made of durable aluminum, which makes the device ideal for touring. All controllers are located on the top side.

The THR10X combines high performance and audio quality. The guitar amplifier has a spacious surrounding sound that can be noticed even at the lowest sound level. Also a big plus is its autonomy, achieved by its compact dimensions and the ability to operate with the batteries. And, of course, don’t forget about the tuner and additional effects included. All these nuances help the guitarist feel confident at any concert, and it is easier to express his creativity in any form, place and environment.

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If you describe all the pros and cons of a guitar amplifier in several sentences, then first of all THR10X is an excellent ratio of price and sound quality. I was especially pleased with the presence of AUX and USB ports, thanks to which you can enjoy listening to your favorite music and change the played melodies in audio editors on your computer. Of the minuses, I can note a rather weak sound strength due to the small diameter of the speaker.

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