Nobels ODR-1 is Back For Limited Edition

The German company Nobels has released a limited edition of their legendary “ODR-1” pedal. But what are Nobels pedals famous for?

For more than 30 years, the “Nobels ODR-1” guitar pedal has been found in almost every pedalboard of popular guitarists. The “ODR-1” was even considered the secret weapon of many guitarists around the world. This little green pedal only began to lose popularity with the release of the “Tube Screamer”, another overdrive pedal. By the way, “Tube Screamer” was also released in green color. But many guitarists stayed true to the “Nobels ODR-1”, which sounded more transparent and made the sound more spacious.

At “NAMM 2020” (a famous international exhibition of musical instruments), the Nobels unveiled an updated version of their legendary guitar pedal, the “DR-1BC”. The “BC” prefix  stands for “Bass Cut”. Indeed, due to popular demand from guitarists, Nobels engineers have added a low-pass filter to the pedal, which can be activated using a small switch. This switch is located inside a small hatch at the top of the pedal. This updated version has more headroom and the traditional potentiometer knobs are now equipped with a phosphorescent arrow. A “Remote” switch is also available, allowing you to remotely activate the pedal if needed. The “ODR-1BC” pedal has brought back the popularity of the Nobels company among guitarists.

Nobels ODR-1 is Back For Limited Edition

In early November, 2021 Nobels is releasing a limited edition of their flagship pedal. The novelty was named “ODR-1 ltd”. Limited edition of 2000 pedals. A distinctive feature of the limited edition “Nobels ODR-1” is a unique color – “Dark Sparkle Green”. This is a pretty cool green glitter color scheme. Specifications remain the same. Included with the pedal, buyers will receive a special certificate and an original box made specifically for the limited edition.

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