Not a guitar, but a construction kit

The appearance of the guitar is the inherent image of a musician. The guitar on photographs or videos shapes the guitarist’s style. Nobody will argue that the appearance of the guitar matters during concerts, photo sessions or video clips. But what about studio work? The guitarist closes in four walls and only the manager and sound engineer can see him there. When recording a song, what is more important: the look of the guitar or the variety of tones that can be achieved with a prefab guitar?

This question was puzzled by the engineers and they released the modular guitar called “Reddick’s Voyager”. The main target audience of a musical instrument is professional guitarists who prefer to use a wide range of guitar tones in their compositions. “Reddick’s Voyager” is perfect for studio work and recording music tracks.

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“Reddick’s Voyager” is a guitar made of expensive wood. Currently on sale there are guitars from ash, cherry, or walnut to choose from. What can be changed? It’s pickups and pickup controls. At the time of this writing, only one pickup control and 6 pickups are available for sale. The manufacturer promises to expand the range in the very near future.

As for the price, “Reddick’s Voyager” is currently available for $ 1800. Each module costs $200. It is also possible to create a custom pickup module at the request of the client. On the official website of the company, you can see a photo with 10 pickups and 5 pickup controls. This suggests that the “Reddick’s Voyager” project will develop.

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