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It was a good time – the seventies. Time for freedom and punk. It was at this time that the famous group “Ramones” appeared. Many believe that the “Ramones” is historically the first punk rock band. Like real punks, musicians constantly challenged society. All members of the group adopted the surname Ramone. Hence the name of the group. The group’s logo was decorated with a double-headed eagle, as on the US coat of arms and the names of the band members. John William Cummings was the lead guitarist for the band. As a real punk, he played only one guitar throughout his career. The black and white “Mosrite” has become a symbol of the band for many years. After the death of the musician in 2004, the guitar passed into the hands of his friend Daniel Rey. Many years later, Daniel Rey decided to put the guitar up for auction.

John bought “Mosrite Ventures II” in 1977 and did not part with it until the very end of his career, which happened in 1996. The history of this musical instrument is impressive. The guitar has survived nearly two thousand live concerts and 15 full albums. Of course, given the heavy use, the paint has fallen off in many places, and the neck is chipped and cracked. The belt was also damaged. Damage can be seen where the strap is attached to the guitar.

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Despite this, according to Daniel, the guitar still sounds at the highest level. The inscription on the back of the guitar makes this lot authentic. The inscription is the signature of John Cummings himself and the phrase “My main guitar 1977-1996”. The auction will take place on September 25 in Boston.

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