Pedalboard Pedaltrain Classic JR

Pedaltrain pedal boards are designed to endure for a lifetime and are virtually indestructible. With an unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, pedalboards are ultra light. Each pedaltrain is constructed by hand, using hand-cut, hand-welded, and hand-finished components. There are no moving parts, no screws, and nothing to wear out.

Reviews for the Pedaltrain Classic JR with Soft Case

This is an extremely well-made pedalboard with ample room for 7-12 pedals (depending on size). Even a full-size Dunlop Wah will fit on this board with room left over. The design has a slight slope which is very player-friendly, and the height is more than adequate for a VooDoo Lab power supply to be mounted beneath the board.

I know it’s “just” a pedal board, but the design makes it SO easy to arrange pedals and — especially— to route cables. Its lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame is also much appreciated. There appears to be plenty of room beneath the board for a power supply, though I use a One Spot & daisy chain. The soft case has a large pocket for easy access to set lists, accessories, etc. It’s perfect for my application. I use 7 pedals in my acoustic/electric rig, and this board accommodates them with minimal weight & footprint. The included Velcro & cable ties were a bonus.

Pedaltrain Jr (Junior) Pedalboard Unboxing & Setup

In this video, we’re going to be taking a look at the Pedaltrain Classic JR. This is a pedalboard that’s designed for both beginners and experts alike. We’re going to discuss its features, how it works, and what other people think of it. So if you’re looking for a pedalboard that’s perfect for your needs, then check out the Pedaltrain Classic JR!

Benefits Pedaltrain Classic JR with Soft Case

Super light and convenient to carry using the shoulder strap. I can carry my guitar in one and and my amp in the other making less trips for loading.

It can get about 8 pedals on there, depending on the size, so it’s large enough for me to feel like I can have some fun variety with what pedals I have equipped at a time while still being compact enough to not be overwhelming or feel excessive. Has enough vertical clearance to easily mount a power supply underneath, which is nice.

  • Very good size.
  • The bag is pretty decent quality.
  • Comes with good Velcro.
  • Light and sturdy.
  • Perfect for strymon users or any large pedal users.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Convenient with the porthole design for power supplies.


I like this board and case a lot, It’s allowed me to downsize and not fear being too large to carry on and fly with. It’s the perfect size for a fly date and you can still fit enough on it, esp if you use micro and mini pedals. There’s only a few things I’m not crazy about and should’ve realized before ordering. One, it’s got a pretty high angle so if you’re planning on putting taller pedals on the back row it’s a tight fit to close. Two, gone is the zippered chord/accessory compartment on the outside. You’ll have to pack extra things in your guitar case or squeeze them in under the board.

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