Pretending to be a Rock Star as a Pro

Good news for all those who like to play an imaginary guitar in front of a mirror. The “AeroBand” company  has developed a digital device that will allow every owner to feel like a rock star without any knowledge and long training.

All this is made possible by a small gadget the size of a guitar pick and a mobile app. If you’ve played an imaginary guitar at least once in your life, it’s easy for you to imagine how “AeroBand” works. The digital guitar pick is needed to capture the rhythm and style of performance. With the application, you can clamp the chords that will sound depending on the movement of the guitar pick. Thus, it is enough to take the digital guitar pick in the right hand, and the smartphone in the left hand and start playing an imaginary guitar. Unfortunately, the sensitivity of the digital guitar pick is not enough to pick up the intensity of hitting the strings and fingerpicking. In order to fingerpick, you need to select the appropriate mode in the mobile application.

At the moment “AeroBand” can work in two modes: “guitar emulation” and “drum kit emulation”. The sound can be played using a speaker on a mobile phone, or using headphones or Bluetooth headsets. At $ 40 on Amazon, the user gets an interesting gadget that can be a great start to a guitar playing career.

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How flexible can you control the sound? In terms of composition flexibility, the engineers from “AeroBand” did a great job. All chords in the mobile application can be customized and arranged in the required order. In addition, you can configure up to 5 different levels of sensitivity and even select a training mode in which the program will acquaint the user with the basic capabilities of the device.

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