Remember Us When You Become A Rock Star

We love it when good people make good things. People love to read about such things in the press. Good, which always triumphs over evil, is the motive of any children’s fairy tale – the behavioral model we are used to following. In the past few years, the image of a police officer in the United States has begun to deteriorate. We don’t write about politics, but we gladly write about stories like this.

This story about good cops took place in New Jersey at the end of August, 2021. Evan has lived in Hawthorne since birth. He is nine years old and attends a local school. Evan is very fond of music and devotes most of his free time to training. Sometimes he takes his guitar to a friend, with whom they learn new chords. The accident with Evan happened during one of these visits to a friend.

Evan was returning home from a friend from one of the rehearsals. On the way, he met a group of high school girls. A dialogue began between the child and the girls. During the conversation, one of the girls asked Evan to show her his guitar. After the guitar was in the hands of the girl, she hit it with several movements on the asphalt and destroyed it.

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Evan’s father turned to the police. Seeing Evan about the loss of his guitar, the police did not wait for the girl’s parents to compensate for the damage. One of the cops donated his “Ibanez” acoustic guitar to Evan. The boy’s happiness knew no bounds. After all, his old guitar was much worse than the new one. In return, the police asked the boy to remember them when he became a rock star. As a souvenir, the cops and Evan took a group photo where the boy’s wide smile can be seen.

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