Rock star vs. Donald Trump

Rock star vs. Donald Trump

It seems that the whole world has forgotten about Donald Trump after the recent US elections. But Trump is in no hurry to leave the front pages of the leading tabloids. This time, the disgraced president was charged with illegal use of the music composition for political purposes. We are talking about the song “Rockin ‘in the Free World”. The song is copyright Neil Young, a popular singer from Canada.

Donald Trump’s team has been playing resonant song at precedent public performances for at least past 4 years. This happened regardless the furious objections of Neil Young. Popular musician has frequently cited that he has no legal proper to forestall Trump so long as former president’s team payed all licensing costs properly .

The situation changed after massive rallies across the United States in the summer of 2020. Then the former American president ordered the use of internal troops to suppress the rallies. This greatly angered Neil Young and he again returned to the issue of illegal use of his song for political purposes.

Donald Trump chose this music for his performances for a reason. The previous president сconsidered to be a big fan of Neil Young’s music. Few times Trump was spotted by the paparazzi at Young’s concerts. Since 2016, the song “Rockin ‘in the Free World” has been a hallmark of Trump’s performances. In addition to it, songs such as “Like a Hurricane” and “Cowgirl in the Sand” sounded at mass performances in support of the president.

Neil Young is famous for his political stance. The singer is an ardent democrat. He has publicly spoken in support of Bernie Sanders on numerous occasions. In 2006 the singer and musician rewrote his hit “Lookin ‘for a Leader”. The rock star took this step in order to support his Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who was running for vice president at the time.

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