Rockfield as a hit smithy for Coldplay

In a recent interview, “Coldplay” lead singer Chris Martin told the amazing story behind the band’s hit “Yellow”. The song “Yellow” was recorded in one of the most unusual studios in the whole world – “Rockfield” farm studio.

“Rockfield” story began when two farmers decided to make a recording studio in order to record their songs and the songs of their neighbors. It all started out as an experiment and was driven by pure enthusiasm. Over time, “Rockfield” began to talk and write in the newspapers. The studio acquired professional equipment and was ready to receive the stars of the very first magnitude. Robert Plant, “Oasis”, “Black Sabbath”, “Coldplay” and “Queen” recorded their hits at Rockfield Studios.

What is it that attracts musicians of the first magnitude in the Rockfield studio? Above all, the nature of Wells. Hilly green landscapes and endless skies inspire musicians to create new hits. According to many musicians who recorded their music in “Rockfield”, even the walls of the studio “breathe”, so a comfortable and pleasant creative atmosphere is created. A distinctive feature of the studio is the stone wall, which is located right behind the drum kit. It is a kind of the hallmark of the Rockfield studio.

How did the history of Coldplay and Rockfield start? In early 2000, under the terms of a contract, the little-known British band “Coldplay” created the first of five albums for the “Parlophone” company called “Parachutes”. The recording of the album began in London. But the work was going badly. The musicians were tired and couldn’t find inspiration. Then Ken Nelson, one of the band’s producers, suggested that the musicians change the scene and go to Wells. The work on the album got better right away. Late at night, after a long walk under a clear starry sky, the musicians returned to the studio and a few hours later finished recording the legendary single “Yellow”, which made Coldplay famous all over the world.

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