Socially Responsible Rock Idol

We are used to seeing rock musicians as cocky hooligans who constantly challenge society and the law. This is expressed not only in their music, but also in their behavior. The good guys in the rock music industry are not trendy. You can’t make money for a new album without scandals.

It is for this reason that any good deed by a rock musician in 2021 attracts more attention than another loud sensation. Lou Gramm can hardly be called a world rock legend. Lou’s star faded in 2002 after his band”Foreigner” changed their frontman. However, Gramm is a fairly well-known person in the USA. His solo hits “Midnight Blue” and “Just Between You and Me” were in the TOP 5 of America’s national chat. In 2018, Gramm announced that it would no longer perform in concerts. Instead, he concentrates on studio work.

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Several years have passed. Lou Gramm released several tracks that were extensively broadcast on various radio shows throughout the USA. And at the end of 2021, Lou decided to take part in a charity event. Together with the police department of his hometown, Rochester Lou is raising money to buy puppies from which they will make real police dogs. This action takes place in the framework of the initiative to combat crime in the state of New York. For this promotion, Lou Gramm put his legendary guitar up for auction. The “Kramer” guitar has served Lou for many years. It is in excellent technical condition. The guitar deco is decorated with the singer’s autograph. This is a good example of the correct behavior of a popular person.

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