Sunnaudio Stage DI-2 Prestine Brief Review: Preamp Of A Dream

Preamp “Stage DI-2 Prestine” is a new product from a small company Sunnaudio, located in the sunny state of California. Preamps are Sunnaudio’s core products. The previous version of the preamp “Stage DI-1” has become popular among plenty of rock musicians. However, the “Stage DI-1” preamp was more suited to studio work. Sunnaudio engineers decided to make a more versatile preamp. The result of their work is a “Stage DI-2 Prestine”.

Two features set the “Stage DI-2 Prestine” apart from other preamps and make it one of the best solutions on the market right now. First of all, it’s incredibly lightweight. Second of all, it can be operated by phantom power or battery with 80 hours of battery life. Both of these features make the “Stage DI-2 Prestine” suitable for live performances and concerts. You can carry it everywhere you go and it’s always going to be with you.

Other preamps do not have many features. They simply have the ability to act as a preamp with some basic tone controls. The “Stage DI-2 Prestine” preamp has extensive functionality to help you shape your tone before it hits the mixing console.

“Boost” and “Mute” button toppers allow you to boost or mute the signal with a single foot press. It may seem that the button toppers are too close to each other. Sunnaudio engineers envisioned the ability to easily get rid of one of the button toppers. Just pull it up and it will easily detach from the pedal. “Stage DI-2 Prestine” can be powered by 48 volt phantom power. This is very convenient if you use the preamp inside the pedalboard.

Most of preamp pedals only have a tone control. “Stage DI-2 Prestine” provides a three band equalizer with addition mid frequency adjustment. You could tune the midrange from 700 Hz to 1.7 kHz. It is a very usful feature because different pickups have different frequency characteristics. This advanced midrange setting will allow you to achieve the crystal clear sound of any guitar.

“Stage DI-2 Prestine” provides high pass filter to cut some of that low end rumble from 40 to 220 Hz. In conjunction with the base control high pass filter is extremely powerful option. “Boost” control in “Stage DI-2 Prestine” made for setting a boost power in the range from 0 to plus 8 db. This option is useful for a solo or finger style switching. “VOL” control adjusts an output volume and gives you plus 8 more db in amplification. As for INPUTS and OUTPUTS “Stage DI-2 Prestine” has guitar IN with EFFECTS LOOP at the right side of the pedal and an OUTPUT with XLR balanced OUTPUT. It is possible to use both of these at the same.

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