The Fuzz Bob-Omb Review

The Fuzz Bob-Omb

The Rare Buzz Effects Fuzz Bob-Omb is a no-nonsense fuzz bomb inspired by an ultra rare Soviet-era circuit with a distinctive arrangement of four germanium diodes. It generates gobs of grunge, but is also quite dynamic, and cleans up really nicely with the guitar volume. Controls are simple.

The big center knob is “Output”. Turning it clockwise will push the amp harder and generate more change and low-end content. Even when pushed hard, the “The Fuzz Bob-Omb” cleans up well and retains excellent string definition.

The small one is “Timbre”. With the help of a “Timbre” controller, the guitarist could adjust how the pedal reacts to different guitar pickups and amps. It ranges anywhere from smooth and controlled when fully CCW, to wild and hairy at the other end.  The response seems warmer and more controlled when “Timbre” is CCW. Going CW, the sound gets hairier. Full CW is downright nasty, with a notable octave component.

It uses real, era-correct Soviet surplus components, as well as a few modern upgrades to enhance reliability and predictable performance in the context of the modern pedalboard.  The “Fuzz Bob-Omb” has a formidable low-end, and thus is excellent on bass as well as guitar.

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