The Worst Investment Now Is A Guitar

We are constantly writing about guitars as musical instruments made to create music. But COVID has proven that the guitar can be seen as an investment. The surge in guitar sales has been linked to isolation. People have nothing to do at home and they try to entertain themselves in all possible ways. It is for this reason that in the last year, more than 100,000 auctions of guitar sales were held all over the world.

At the same time, the online guitar course industry is developing. New and experienced guitarists around the world are actively buying guitars. Both new and expensive guitars with history are in demand. Having received a guitar, the musician begins to actively learn to play or compose music. But have we seen a surge in hits in the past year? The answer is no. And this leads to sad consequences.

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So far we can observe stagnation in the market of new musical instruments. The market is not showing growth. People are tired of sitting at home and learning to play the guitar. When COVID is over, many will realize that they don’t need a guitar. And they will also begin to massively sell their musical instruments. But the demand will clearly be lower than the supply. Therefore, if you are considering guitars as an investment instrument, then it is worth choosing another financial asset.

The situation that is unfolding around the guitar market is not the worst example of the consequences caused by COVID. The situation is worse with the pets that were adopted during the pandemic. Many animals have found their home in the past few years just because people need socialization. What will happen to the animals when all restrictions disappear? Already, many pets are being put up for adoption. Unfortunately, this trend will continue in the near future.

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