Touch the legend. A masterpiece in the world of guitars for sale

In 2020, legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away. His virtuoso solos have become iconic. In addition to the fact that Eddie founded the group “Van Halen”, which became one of the greatest bands in the seventies and eighties, virtuoso Eddie Van Halen was included in the list of the 100 best guitarists in the world according to the authoritative music magazine (by the way, the oldest in existence) “Rolling Stone”. Of course, such a story could not fail to interest collectors and admirers of Eddie’s talent. Therefore, many were waiting for the famous Eddie guitar with a recognizable shaped print to be put up for auction.

The guitar put up for auction was created at the legendary American factory “Kramer”. The guitar was created by Eddie along with engineering company James Paul DeCesar. The guitar has an autograph of the guitarist himself and an inscription written by the hand of an engineer.

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The guitar is not in the best condition. On the other hand, it adds value to the guitar at auction. There are many abrasions on the front and back. The neck of the guitar turned black on the back, which indicates active use. A distinctive feature, in addition to recognizable prints, are the recognizable screws on the guitar strap. They are in stock. The guitar comes with an antique vintage rectangular case.

The starting price of the guitar is seventy-five thousand dollars. The estimated cost at the moment is a quarter of a million. Bidding will last until mid-July 2021.

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