Turin Brakes Privat Club, Berlin

11 February 2023

The Privat Club in Berlin was the setting for a highly anticipated performance by Turin Brakes, the indie-pop duo of Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian. The intimate venue promised an up-close and personal experience with the artists, but also posed the question of how their rich, expansive sound would translate in such a confined space.

As the show began, Turin Brakes took the stage with a relaxed and unassuming energy, starting with “Isolation” from their latest album, “Wide-Eyed Nowhere”. The cozy atmosphere allowed the musicians to ease into their set and build the energy gradually. The crowd was quickly warmed up with the soulful “Up for Grabs”, a raw and upbeat number that exuded a seductive energy.

Turin Brakes Privat Club, Berlin

The highlight of the night was the powerful voice of Olly Knights, a truly unique singer whose rich and soulful delivery cuts through with clarity and texture. His voice, combined with Gale Paridjanian’s harmonious harmonies and Eddie Myer’s musical prowess, created an unforgettable musical experience. The audience was transported by the personal narrative of the lyrics, which felt like a private message being broadcasted publicly.

As the night progressed, Turin Brakes demonstrated their versatility, transitioning from the tender ballads like “Future Boy” to high-energy hits like “Painkiller” and “Underdog”, which pushed the walls of the small venue. But it was the performance of “Long Distance” that truly showcased the duo’s musical talent. With drummer Rob Allum providing a steady beat, Knights emoted the lyrics with a beautifully sneering vocal, eliciting a powerful response from the crowd.

In conclusion, the live performance of Turin Brakes exceeded all expectations and was a thrilling experience for fans. The musicians thrived off the energy of the audience, delivering a powerful and unforgettable show. If you have the opportunity to see Turin Brakes live, don’t miss it!

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