Hawaii for sale. Unique guitar series

“Fender” company loves to delight their fans with limited edition guitars. Guitar hunters often have to pay triple the price of their own. As it turned out, “Fender” is releasing its limited edition guitars without public coverage.

Most recently, “Fender” released a series of limited edition guitars featuring Hawaii views. The artist was Heather Brown. Heather is known in Hawaii as an artist who portrays the rich nature of the islands in vivid colors in her work. It must be admitted that Heather’s work is little known outside the state. Therefore, “Fender” risked not selling a single guitar.

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Everything happened the other way around. The limited edition consisted of 15 guitars with a unique print from Heather Brown. All 15 guitars were sold in the Japanese market in record time. At the moment, the artist receives many letters asking to buy a “Fender” guitar with her print. But, according to Heather herself, she does not have a single guitar. And information on the release of additional guitars from “Fender”. Therefore, collectors are forced to seek their luck in the Japanese market.

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