What Happened to Jess Greenberg?

Jess Greenberg is she aliv
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You may not believe me, but I know how you first started out playing the guitar.

You liked a certain band to the point of thinking of picking the instrument up. Or saw one of your friends playing.

So you saved up for a bit and got your first guitar.

Then, you went on YouTube to get some lessons, as well as inspiration to practice.

And that’s when you discovered Jess Greenberg. Great voice, good guitar skills — it’s no wonder she was very popular on the platform.

But it has been over 2 years since she last uploaded. There are no announcements that she has moved away from the channel or anything of that kind.

What happened to her channel?

Who is Jess Greenberg?

Jess Greenberg was born in London, UK, on 20th of December 1994. As most of the sources online claim, she is a full-time singer and YouTube blogger who mostly specializes in covering the most famous rock songs.

And that is what first gained her some online clout: having started out in 2010, she got the most recognition upon covering Highway to Hell from AC/DC in august 2013.

On top of that, she also took part in the contest Totally Covered Summer, held in 2013 by Ryan Seacrest. Jess performed a cover on Get Lucky by Daft Punk and won the competition.

Some of her covers got featured on a variety of big media platforms, such as Star Central magazine, Sports Illustrated, Guitar World, and Metro UK.

And that is pretty much all the public knows about an internet musician. Even though she has a personal website, as well as pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that accompany her YouTube channel, she only used those to share her music-related content, revealing none of the personal matters.

And that is, as we all know, a great road to speculation. Let’s unwrap some of those.

Image credit: https://www.facebook.com/jessgreenberg1

Jess Greenberg OnlyFans

Well, that mystery actually takes a single google search to uncover itself.

It is no secret that one of the key features of Jess’s success on YouTube is the looks. Good appearance and great skill always make for enjoyable content.

And that’s totally fine. Well, it was right until 2017, I guess.

Then, OnlyFans has become a thing. The stories of people making ten times more while selling adult content compared to their regular job salaries flooded the internet, which eventually led to the situation where a ton of female YouTubers, Twitch streamers, or TikTokers have an OnlyFans account.

Why get rich on social media only if you’re attractive, right?

It is a norm now, but it wasn’t then. So, Jess Greenberg never got an OnlyFans account.

You can stop looking.

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Is Jess Greenberg alive?

Another popular thing to speculate about is somebody who has disappeared from the internet. You either post, or you die.

So, in 2019, some theories popped up, suggesting that Jess fell overboard on a cruise trip to Mexico in 2016. As people claimed, the body was never found.

But as always, that one turned out to be a lie.

First‌, Jess has posted cover videos until 2020, addressing the world going on lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Second, the woman who actually fell from the ship was named Samantha Broberg. The rest of the story was true for her. Somebody just photoshopped Jess’s image over the news report.

So, the video-reports are factual, but they are not about Jess Greenberg.

Jess Greenberg now

Just like Jess did during the years of her fame, she sticks to keeping a low profile on social media now.

The last cover she posted on YouTube was 5 years ago, in 2017.

Then — she broke three years of silence, releasing Over The Rainbow cover, addressing the COVID-related lockdown in 2020. She used the video to promote a charity donation to front-line workers of the medical field, who continue to risk their lives treating people all over the world.

But after that — not a single world.

So we went into her biography once more to figure out what else she could get herself into besides making music videos.

So, back in 2012, she shared that despite loving what she did at the time, she actually aspired to study economics and University College London.

Having got her degree, she joined Winton as a financial analyst in October 2016, one of the most sucessfull sustemic macro hedge funds in the UK.

It is believed that she continues to work there.

Jess Greenberg YouTube

The musician’s YouTube channel has over 1,4 million subscribers, 79 cover videos in total, most of them pulling in millions of views.

But some videos managed to get double digits in terms of millions of views: for instance, her signature cover of Highway to Hell has gained 35 million, with Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers comming in second at 11 million views.

And that’s pretty much it. She never did anything besides the covers: no streaming, no vlogging, no room-tours, no challenges.

It is as straighforward as it gets.

Jess Greenberg guitars

When it comes to the instruments that Jess plays, it seems like she mostly sticks to acoustic guitars. At least for her content on YouTube.

But there was one time we saw a change of things: when she released her cover of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, she played it on an electric guitar — a classy red Gibson SG.

And that does it. We are glad that Jess Greenberg has had her moment on YouTube and found other joys in life. But we still hope that someday she will come back and continue to impress her fans with fresh content.


Jess Greenberg obituary

We don’t have any information indicating that Jess Greenberg has passed away. If you have concerns about her well-being, I suggest checking recent news sources or reaching out to her management for confirmation.

Jess Greenberg Tour

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, Jess Greenberg does not have any official tour dates or announcements. It is best to check her social media or official website for updates on live performances or tours.

Jess Greenberg “American Idol” audition

We don’t have information indicating that Jess Greenberg auditioned for “American Idol.” She has gained recognition primarily through her YouTube channel and social media, where she showcases her musical abilities as a guitarist and singer.

How old is Jess Greenberg?

Jess Greenberg was born on December 20, 1994, then as of January 29, 2023, she would be 28 years old.

Where is jess greenberg from?

Jess Greenberg is from London, England

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  1. Jess Greenberg is really hot!

  2. Jess is a great singer, and I am always impressed by her singing. She has a unique voice that really stands out. When she covers songs, they are almost always very well done. Jess is good at covering all types of music but my favorite genre to listen to while watching her videos is rock n roll because it’s what I like the most!

  3. I read on the internet that she was lost at sea, or fell overboard on a cruise ship, or is on a cruise ship, or is this just another Mandela effect?

    • We do not have any information indicating that Jess Greenberg was lost at sea, fell overboard on a cruise ship. We would recommend checking credible news sources for updates and verifying information before accepting it as true. The information you read could be false or inaccurate, and therefore might be another example of the Mandela Effect. 🙂

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